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Sarah Giblin

Sarah Giblin

RVN - Team leader

"I graduated as an RVN in 2016. I find neurology amazing, I love going into work and seeing something completely different every single day, and constantly learning.

As an owner, I think the most terrifying things that can happen to your pet are them not being able to walk, or having a seizure, and we treat both of those things and more, which I find amazing.

Myself and all of the nurses and vets working for the neurology department are passionate about what we do. I think that’s what makes our team so special because we go the extra mile for our patients day in, day out. Our nursing team is multi-talented, we do everything from anaesthesia, nursing care, rehabilitation and running the MRI itself.

It's so rewarding to be a neurology nurse, there is nothing better than seeing a patient go home walking when they couldn’t beforehand and knowing you’ve played a part in that.

I grew up with a golden retriever called Alfie and my love for him made me want to become a vet nurse and i hope to have another golden retriever in the future.”