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Georgia Bullock

Georgia Bullock


Georgia Bullock joined us in 2019 as an RVN on the orthopaedic team.
Day-to-day, her role involves managing wards, monitoring general anaesthesia, assisting in theatre, bandaging, taking x-rays and much more. Georgia enjoys being in theatre, whether it’s scrubbing in to help the surgeons during a procedure or monitoring the general anaesthetic.

She also has a passion for nursing patients in the wards, which includes giving medication, placing cannulas, taking bloods, feeding, providing physiotherapy and cryotherapy and, most importantly, providing some much-needed TLC whilst the patient is away from home.

Georgia loves working at Wear because of the supportive team atmosphere and credits the staff’s positive work moral.
She enjoys that every day is different and there’s always a challenge.
In her spare time, Georgia enjoys being active by going on long walks and working out at the gym.

She has an 11-year-old Jack Russell called Midge, who loves running ‘zoomies’ around the room and cuddling on the sofa, and an exotic bearded dragon called Nessie, who loves to eat kale and strawberries.