Frequently asked questions and answers:

How does a veterinary surgeon arrange a referral?
Referrals should be arranged by the client's own veterinary practice. They should fill in a referral form on-line or download a referral form in PDF format and fax it to us. One of our Client Care Team will be in touch with you once this is received to arrange an appointment. Please make sure that your vet sends us the relevant history (including allergies, other medical conditions, etc), radiographs and results of other diagnostic tests prior to referral.

Can a pet owner arrange a referral her/himself?
No, pet owners will have to be referred by their own veterinary surgeons. Please contact your own vet first so he/she can discuss your pet's problems with us prior to referral.

What do I need to do when my pet is referred?
We ask that all pets are starved prior to coming to us for an appointment, in particular first assessments in which investigations or procedures may be carried out. Starving instructions will be discussed with you at the time of arranging an appointment, as some pets require different instructions than others. If possible, on the morning of the referral appointment, take your dog out for a walk so he/she can relieve him/herself. Please allow ample time for travelling to make sure you will be in time for your appointment. On arrival we will need about 10 minutes to take all your and your pet's details. After this you will see the veterinary surgeons for a consult which will last 30-40 minutes.

What are the costs of treatment?
As you will understand, it is not always possible to provide an exact figure for the cost of treatment. Some patients need more treatment and aftercare than expected, some might not need surgery at all. For the more routine operations, please contact the Client Care Team for an estimate.
Current Price List (PDF) - CLICK HERE

What happens with my animal when he/she is hospitalised?
Your pet will be looked after by qualified nurses 24-hours a day. If there is any problem during the night, a veterinary surgeon is always available to see to our patients. You will receive regular updates from the nursing team on your pet's condition while he/she is hospitalised with us.

Can emergencies be seen the same day?
Yes, we can accept emergency referrals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.