Veterinary physiotherapists have a wide range of modalities available to them including electro-therapies, manual therapies and exercises. At Wear Referrals Physiotherapists use their knowledge of evidence based practise and clinical reasoning skills to develop appropriate treatment and exercise programmes.

The key aims of physiotherapy include:
• pain management
• optimising healing
• protecting surgical site
• minimising negative effects of injury and disease processes
• improving mobility and joint function
• restoring muscle strength and extensibility
• facilitating proprioception, co-ordination and balance reactions
• preventing compensations
• accelerating return to function and performance
• minimising re-injury or recurrent problems

In-patient Physiotherapy

Where appropriate veterinary surgeons will refer animals for physiotherapy during their stay in hospital. Since healing starts immediately following surgery, prompt and timely physiotherapy intervention helps to accelerate recovery and minimise complications. Essentially physiotherapy bridges the gap between surgery and full recovery.

Out-patient Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy service offers a wide range of treatments available both for previous in-patients and animals referred from other veterinary practices.

Any initial veterinary surgery, intervention or medications are often just the start of the animal's journey back to full health. Physiotherapy integrates with these treatments and involves the owner with home care advice and specific exercise programmes to ensure the animals full potential is reached.

If you would like to learn more about what we can offer please call and ask to speak to one of the physiotherapists.