Dr Gerard te Lintelo

Veterinary Surgeon
Neurology, Orthopaedics & Soft Tissue Surgery
Certificate Holder in Small Animal Surgery

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Dr Michal Mol

Veterinary Surgeon
Neurology & Neurosurgery

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Our neurology service is run by Gerard te Lintelo, Michal Mol and Viktor Palus. This service is for patients with brain disease, patients with spinal disease, patients with exercise induced weakness/collapse, patients with loss of vision where there is no direct eye problem and patients with unusual or unexplained lameness. The main neurological diseases we see are disk disease, ischemic myelopathy (FCE), patients with seizures (epilepsy), inflammatory CNS disease (meningitis, encephalitis) and patients with tumours.

Diagnostic procedures will be carried out after careful initial assessment during a consultation. We much appreciate it if owners can provide us with video footage of abnormal behaviour, suspected seizures and weakness (episodes) as this greatly helps us to find a final diagnosis. Further diagnostic tests include blood tests, spinal radiographs, MRI of the head and/or spine and spinal fluid analysis (CSF tap). MRI is seen as the gold standard in neuro-imaging and this is why at Wear Referrals we have an in-house MRI scanner as most neurological patients require MRI at short notice.

Where indicated, patients will undergo spinal surgery. Spinal surgical procedures we perform include disk fenestration, hemi-laminectomy, dorsal laminectomy, ventral slot surgery, corpectomy surgery, vertebral distraction and/or stabilisation, arachnoid cyst surgery, spinal biopsies and surgery for Chiari-Like Malformation (Foramen Magnum Decompression). We also perform brain surgery in patients with brain tumours, patients with intra-cranial cysts and patients with hydrocephalus.

All our patients will undergo rehabilitation (physiotherapy and hydrotherapy) as part of the treatment for spinal disease.