Emergency and critical care is the area of veterinary medicine specifically concerned with the stabilisation and treatment of seriously unwell patients. Both the out of hours (OOH) team and the day time intensive care unit (ICU) team are tasked with monitoring and providing ongoing care for these patients in conjunction with other specialist services within the Hospital.

Wear Referrals is fortunate to have a dedicated ICU specifically for monitoring and caring for patients with more complicated needs, and whose condition may change suddenly. These patients are admitted through our referral services, or the OOH service, and then placed in ICU if their condition is thought to require intensive treatment.

The ICU is maintained by a team of dedicated veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons. At night time the out of hours veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons take over, so that patients have round the clock care.

Wear Referrals has a range of equipment to help the staff monitor and provide treatment to their patients. This equipment includes oxygen points next to the kennels, ECG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, oxygen saturation monitoring and ultrasound. We also have access to a defibrillator and dedicated "crash trolley" of equipment in-case of the most serious of emergencies.

Cases that may be placed in ICU include patients with tracheostomy tubes and airway problems, patients with signs of shock who need intensive fluid therapy, patients who may be having seizures, and patients with arrhythmias. Patients recovering from certain surgical or medical procedures may be placed in ICU for a period of time following their procedure until they are more stable. Essentially, this facility and the associated level of care is available to any patient attending Wear Referrals whose condition requires it.