To Gerard, Elisa and all the staff at Wear Referrals, who have contributed to Tig's remarkable success in enduring a situation I always hoped wouldn't happen to her. She is such a remarkable dog with such a zest for life. Hopefully this zest for life will help in the coming months. Thank you for your calm, confident and professional attitude. It gave me hope where I really thought there was none.

Thank you from Karen & Nik Manning and of course Tig xxxx

Tig is a six-year-old female Dalmation dog that only had three legs from birth. She was referred to Wear Referrals with a two-week history of progressive weakness in all legs and neck pain. At the time of presentation Tig was unable to stand and she had severe neck pain. The most likely causes for Tig's problems were a large slipped disk in her neck, meningitis (she had suffered from this as a puppy) and a possible tumour. An MRI of Tig's neck showed the presence of a large slipped disk, which was pressing on the spinal cord. In addition to this two more diseased disks were noted. We decided to operate on Tig straight away and removed the slipped disk surgically. The same evening Tig was a lot more comfortable. She needed intensive care for a week after her spinal surgery and received in-house massage and physiotherapy. Tig started to go for hydro-therapy (The Animal Therapy Centre) in the second week after surgery and kept making great progress. Four weeks after her spinal surgery Tig was back to her old self.