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Juliet Rayner

Juliet Rayner


I am an RVN on the medical team and have been at Wear for almost five years, starting as an auxiliary nurse in 2016, then progressing to my nurse training in 2017.

I realised I loved medicine while doing my rotation and became qualified in 2019, earning a permanent role in the medical team. I have also recently taken on a role as a mentor for the PCA program.I am currently completing the Referral Nursing Professional Development in Anaesthesia and Analgesia (RNPD A&A) programme and enjoy having the ability to translate what I’ve learnt so far into my daily work. 

I am very interested in feline nursing and care, and I am a cat advocate for my team, making sure our practice is as cat-friendly as possible.As I work on the medical team, a lot of patients have ongoing or long-term treatment such as chemotherapy. It’s nice to develop a bond with them and their owners and see the difference we’re making to their lives. 

My favourite part of working at Wear is the team and how passionate my colleagues are about their job, patients and each other, regardless of the department they’re in. I am a keen mental health advocate and outside of work, I practice self-care where possible. This includes skincare, meditation, baking, yoga and getting outside for a walk. 

My husband and I rescued two cats, Mary and Penny, in 2017, who both have health issues.

Mary is 16 and has diabetes, which requires daily insulin, and Penny is 14 and has no teeth! Despite the health problems, we have loved nursing them and giving them a happy home.