Medical oncologists specialise in advising on all aspects of cancer treatment, including surgery and radiotherapy, managing the cancer patient throughout their treatment journey, delivering and developing systemic anti-cancer therapies and managing the acute complications of cancer and its treatment from diagnosis through to cure/survivorship and/or end of life care. This means the oncologists work very closely with the other disciplines in the hospital.

At Wear Referrals, every patient your vet refers with a suspected cancer diagnosis is seen by a Veterinary Oncologist. Each Veterinary Oncologist has undergone further specialist training in diagnosing and treating cancer in dogs and cats.

The team at Wear have many combined years of experience treating various cancers in dogs and cats. We also have a highly trained team of nurses who provide top-level, compassionate care to our patients. Most dogs who undergo cancer treatment come in with waggy tails and are very happy to see the team regularly!

Our top priority is to maintain or improve the quality of life in our oncology patients. Cancer is a frightening topic, and many owners are understandably concerned about what a cancer diagnosis means for their pets. We are here to help owners and their pets through the cancer journey to try and make it as painless and stress-free as possible. From advanced surgical techniques through chemotherapy to palliative care, we are here to make sure owners feel confident in the decisions for their pet.

At Wear Referrals in County Durham, we have a strong, multi-faceted team of specialists who can look after your pet at every stage of their treatment. Initial consultations will be one of the oncology team but radiologists, internal medics, anaesthetists and soft tissue surgeons can all be involved in cancer diagnosis and treatment. The veterinary specialists are supported by dedicated teams of nurses, many of whom have undergone further nurse-specialist training. This strong team makes Wear unique in the north of England for veterinary referrals.

What happens during the patient journey?

Here is an excerpt from the diary of Jasper the Labrador, who visited us at the hospital recently for a scan:

6am - Woke up, went for a wee. Very excited for breakfast but didn’t get any! Tried to trip up Mum to remind her but didn’t work. Feel cross and hungry.

8am - Car ride! Makes up for the lack of breakfast.

8.30am - I have come to a new place. The garden is amazing as it smells of lots of other dogs. Had an excitement wee. This must be a new park! Mum was talking to someone but did not pay much attention.

9.30am - There are lots of people at this new place who want to have cuddles! At least three different people have given me cuddles so far. No food, though, which is disappointing. I have seen other doggies too, and they all look happy.

10.30am - One of the nice people has put a needle in my leg. It hurt a little but got another cuddle afterwards.

11am - Unexpected nap.

12pm - Not sure what happened there; I was having another cuddle then felt very sleepy. Only just woken up again.

12.15pm - FOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2pm - Went out for a walk with one of the new humans. Had a wee. Still feel a bit drowsy from the nap. This garden does smell awesome.

3pm - went out to the garden again with new human and found mum. I didn’t realise she had left as I was having so many cuddles. Mum talking to new human again but sounds boring. Mum has brought more treats!

4pm - Back home again. Feel a bit tired – today has been very exciting.


6pm – Out for a wee and a poo.

7pm – What a day! Time for a snooze on the sofa. Hopefully will go back to the new place soon.