We are incredibly proud of all our nurses here at Wear Referrals.  We have discipline-specific nursing teams, so our nurses develop a much deeper understanding of the conditions and care required for their patients. 

The dedicated nursing team also runs our in-house laboratory, enabling rapid processing of laboratory tests and shorter waiting times for test results.  Our full-time anaesthetist assists with the planning and education on best practice for anaesthesia and the management of complex cases.


  • Elisa Robinson Elisa Robinson Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Anouska Rogers Smith Anouska Rogers Smith Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Samantha Parkhouse Samantha Parkhouse Nurse Training and Development RVN
  • Maren Junior Maren Junior RVN
  • Sarah Beaney Sarah Beaney RVN
  • Chloe Wright Chloe Wright SVN
  • Image not yet available Ellen Bartholomew SVN
  • Shannon Ward Shannon Ward SVN
  • Nick Mann Nick Mann Lead Laboratory Nurse
  • Connor Greenwood Connor Greenwood Laboratory and Imaging Nurse
  • Lauren Hunter Lauren Hunter Auxiliary Nurse
  • Shaw Richardson Shaw Richardson SVN
  • Melanie Rogers Melanie Rogers Kit coordinator
  • Melissa Stephenson Melissa Stephenson Auxiliary Nurse
  • Victoria Wilton Victoria Wilton Auxiliary Nurse
  • Alicia Simpson Alicia Simpson Auxiliary Nurse
  • Image not yet available Hannah Fletcher Auxiliary Nurse
  • Image not yet available Reegan Robert-Shaw Smith Auxiliary Nurse
  • Rhianne Gelea Rhianne Gelea SVN