Canine Elbow Realignment Osteotomy (CERO)

CERO is a prototype system designed by Orthomed for the correction of elbow incongruity secondary to elbow dysplasia or premature growth plate closure. Wear Referrals in County Durham is one of only a select few hospitals worldwide trailing this system.

It permits precise lengthening of either the radius or ulna bones in 1mm increments to restore normal alignment of the elbow joint, based on measurements taken from CT scans of the elbow.

We are happy to accept referrals for assessment of suitability for this surgery.


Proximal Abducting Ulnar Osteotomy (PAUL)

Elbow dysplasia, specifically medial coronoid process disease (MCPD), is a common and debilitating condition which results in damage to, and progressive loss of, cartilage from the elbow joint. This typically affects the inside of the elbow joint first.

PAUL surgery involves making a cut in the proximal ulna bone and applying a stepped plate to the bone to abduct the ulna which, in term, may re-distribute load from the inside to the outside of the elbow joint. Subjectively, 80 per cent of dogs have improved lameness six to 12 months after this surgery.

PAUL - Proximal Abducting Ulnar OsteotomyFull thickness cartilage loss affecting the medial compartment of the elbow on arthroscopy in a 6 year Bearded Collie. The PAUL procedure abducts the proximal ulna shifting load to the lateral joint compartment.

BioMedtrix 3rd Generation Canine TATE Elbow Replacement

Wear Referrals at the first hospital in the U.K. to be able to offer the 3rd Generation TATE elbow replacement for dogs. The 3rd generation system has new instrumentation to maximise the accuracy of preparation of the bone, as well as a new impant design for improved stability.

We have received approval via independent ethical review by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) to be able to undertake this surgery, satisfying that experience and standards of care are appropriate to offer this advanced procedure.

Dogs with severe elbow osteoarthritis that are eligible for this surgery will be enrolled into a Phase II clinical trial of the system where their outcome will be carefully monitored postoperatively.

We are now seeing cases for preliminary assessment for this surgery and further details relating to the surgery, aftercare and commitments of the trial will be provided to clients at the time of their initial consultation.

TATE elbow replacement implant placed in the elbow 13G TATE elbow implant 1BioMedtrix 3rd Generation Canine TATE Elbow Replacement
Images courtesy of BioMedtrix