Our orthopaedic team in County Durham comprises internationally recognised specialists, vets and nurses who can provide specialist-led investigations and treatment for routine and urgent procedures.

Our patients benefit from:

  • On-site post-operative care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from vets and registered veterinary nurses
  • On-site imaging modalities including CT and MRI scanners, ultrasound, flouroscopy, and x-ray
  • Trained Radiographers running our CT and MRI scanners to achieve the best possible images 7 days a week
  • ECVAA Specialist Anaesthetists providing plans for anaesthesia and analgesia 7 days a week
  • Dedicated cat ward and ISFM Silver Cat-Friendly Clinic accreditation with a team of cat advocates
  • Our accredited Dog Friendly Clinic status
  • Fully equipped ICU staffed by an experienced team every minute of every day
  • Specialists of the European Colleges and Royal College of Veterinary Specialists (RCVS) in 7 departments for multi-disciplinary case collaboration


To support a smooth referral process at Wear Referrals and for transparency of client costs, we offer fixed-price procedures for some of the more commonly performed procedures.

TPLO cruciate ligament surgery

Patient's Weight Price
Patient under 20kg £3,900
Patient 20 – 40 kg £4,400
Patient 41 – 60 kg £4,900
Patient over 60 kg £5,400

 If CT is required please add £500 to the above prices

Includes consultation, sedation, templating radiographs, GA, surgery, implants and associated medication, hospitalisation as required up to 3 days and discharged with medications for up to 2 weeks (e.g. NSAID, paracetamol & short antibiotic course), follow-up consultation at 6 weeks is £145, follow up consultation and radiographs including sedation will be a fixed £500.

Joint Replacement Prices:

Procedure: Price:
Total hip replacement £9,000
Total hip replacement with CT for templating £9,500
Total knee replacement £9,000
Total elbow replacement £9,000
Total ankle replacement £9,000

Consultation, templating radiographs, GA, surgery, implants and associated medication, hospitalisation as required up to 3 days and discharge with medications for up to 2 weeks (e.g. NSAID, paracetamol & short antibiotic course, plus 6 weeks of Trazodone if the patient is anxious and requires anti-anxiety medication), follow up assessment at 6 weeks including sedation and radiographs.


Fracture Repair Prices:

Procedure Price
Simple long bone (e.g. transverse, spiral) £4,500
Bilateral single longbone  £6,250
Complex Long Bone (e.g. segmental, comminuted) £6,500
Complex long bone bilateral   £8,500
Simple Pelvis (e.g. unilateral ilial wing or SI luxation) £5,250
Bilateral simple pelvis   £6,500
Complex Pelvis (e.g. acetabular) £6,750
bilateral complex pelvis  £8,250
Lateral or medial humeral condylar £5,000
Bilateral lateral or medial humeral condylar  £7,500
Y Fracture £7,000
Physeal fracture (cross pin repair)                                 £5,000

Includes: Daytime consultation with either an Orthopaedic or ICU clinician (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday). An emergency consultation will be charged outside of these hours at £390), PCV and EPOC if required (e.g. +7 years of age), radiographs, general anaesthetic, surgery, implants, medication and bandaging whilst hospitalised, hospitalisation for up to 3 days, discharge medications for up to 2 weeks, up to 2 post-operative re-check appointments (e.g, wound check, bandage removal - consultation only, no procedures e.g. radiographs included). Post-operative re-check with radiographs is charged at £500. If CT is required, please add £750.

Very complex, polytrauma and open fractures are not currently included in our fixed prices. Please contact us for an estimate.

For other procedures, our specialists are happy to discuss cases and provide estimates as needed.

Fixed Prices for our Soft Tissue Surgery

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Fixed price assumes no other injuries that may require additional treatment, stabilisation or investigation (e.g. soft tissue wounds, chest or abdominal injury). Although major postoperative complications are unusual, any costs incurred relating to unexpected postoperative complications are not included in our fixed price packages. Post-surgery instructions must have been followed appropriately. Prices correct as of 1st April 2024.