Our diagnostic imaging service is one of the core disciplines at Wear Referrals, as it supports all other referral services.

Diagnostic imagingDiagnostic Imaging is an important service supporting all other referral services and that we have the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, like MRI; video endoscopy; thoracoscopy; laparoscopy; ultrasound; digital radiography; CT and fluoroscopy. We are one of the most advanced veterinary diagnostic imaging centres in the UK.

A significant number of diseases can only be diagnosed with advanced imaging, which is essential for a rapid diagnosis and swift treatment plan. The imaging service also obtains biopsy and tissue samples using minimally-invasive procedures.


Our C-arm is the latest Siemens model and further improves our diagnostic facilities. Its main uses are for interventional radiology (stenting of tracheas, urethras, vascular stenting); orthopaedic surgery (implant positioning, fracture reduction, joint movement studies) and internal medicine (swallowing studies).


Facilities available onsite include:

  • Siemens 1.5T MRI scanner
  • 16 slice Siemens CT scanner
  • State of the art Samsung RS85 ultrasound machine
  • Fluoroscopy including digital subtraction and road-mapping
  • Digital radiography

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The Diagnostic Imaging Team

Meet the team members that look after all things diagnostic imaging at Wear Referrals.