At Wear Referrals, w offer a custom cutting guide, reduction guide, and 3D titanium custom manufacture of implants for cases requiring patient-specific implants. Some case examples are illustrated below.

Case 1

Acute correction of an antebrachial growth deformity in a Corgi treated by Wear Referrals. In conjunction with design software, CT imaging was used to design and manufacture a duel-angled cutting guide, reduction guide and 3D-printed titanium custom plate to acutely correct this dog’s deformity.

Custom implant design & manufacture - Case 1Case 1 examples

Case 2

Shoulder arthrodesis in a Ridgeback. Custom cutting and reduction guides and 3D printed models were used in this case to ensure precise cuts to the bones to be fused, as well as allow pre-contouring of the plates prior to surgery, dramatically reducing surgical time and increasing accuracy.

Custom implant design & manufacture - Case 2Case 2 examples