The hydrotherapy team is made up of two qualified hydrotherapists which are fully trained in all aspects of hydrotherapy and aquatic therapy. We offer animal centred and owner focused clinical services which address the needs of your dog' mobility and fitness using hydrotherapy and aquatic therapy techniques, positive behaviour solutions and reinforcement exercises.

At Wear Referrals we are very proud to (currently) be the only veterinary referral hospital in the UK to have a hydrotherapist qualified to the level of Advanced Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy. (There are currently only 6 people in the UK qualified to this level). This accredited and licensed course is the highest award available in small animal hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy team treats already referral patients (like orthopaedic and neurological patients) and it also accepts referrals directly from primary care practices.

The hydrotherapy team will work with you, your animal and your veterinary surgeon to design a comprehensive and tailor-made rehabilitation programme for your pet. The goal of rehabilitation, in combination with medical and surgical care, is to restore normal or near-normal mobility and musculoskeletal function.

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