The internal medicine service

Internal medicine involves diseases affecting internal organs and systems. We utilise a wide range of techniques and equipment to help us reach a diagnosis including diagnostic imaging, clinical pathology and endoscopy. We also work closely with other services within the Hospital and one of the strengths of Wear Referrals is that we can draw upon the joint expertise of vets specialising in different disciplines to provide excellent care for all patients referred to us. In addition, we benefit from the presence of a dedicated intensive care unit which allows high level care to be delivered around the clock to critically ill patients.

All veterinarians working within the service are either training towards, or already possess Specialist status in internal medicine, as awarded by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons or the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. This is the highest level of clinical qualification currently available. A dedicated team of Registered Veterinary Nurses work alongside the clinicians to afford the best possible standard of care to patients within our service.

In addition to seeing patients referred to us, we are happy to provide free advice to vets in practice on request.

The oncology service

Oncology concerns the treatment of benign and malignant neoplasia (tumours). Tumours can involve any part of the body and there are a wide range of treatment options available. Following diagnosis, tumours are commonly treated via surgical excision or chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is also occasionally used and while not currently available at Wear Referrals, we work closely with clinicians in other centres that provide this treatment modality. The main disciplines involved in oncology are the soft tissue surgery and internal medicine, and the neurology and orthopaedic services will also care for patients with tumours affecting the nervous and skeletal systems respectively. While tumours in cats and dogs are unfortunately often life-limiting, we are concerned first and foremost with providing affected patients with an excellent quality of life for as long as it is possible for them to enjoy it.