Video to help dog owners carry out checks on pets

We have produced a video to help dog owners carry out basic examinations on their pets during the lockdown.

We filmed the basic health check video to help provide support and assistance to pet owners who are unable to take their dogs to the vets due to COVID-19 social distancing measures.

Home examination
Chiara Giannasi, a clinician in internal medicine at Wear, presents a video showing dog owners how to carry out a basic health check on their pet

Like vets across the country, here at Wear we have been adhering to guidelines from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) throughout lockdown.

As well as introducing video consultations, we’ve put together this informative video to show pet owners how to perform a basic health examination on a dog.

The video contains tips on how to assess breathing rates, the correct way to check a pulse, gum colour and heart rates.

Chiara Giannasi, a clinician in internal medicine at Wear, presents the three-minute video and she said: “This is in no way to try to replace a full examination by a vet and if an animal is in need of urgent attention, pet owners should always get in touch with us.

“However, with the current restrictions in place we wanted to show dog owners how to carry out a few basic checks which will assist them if they need to book a video consultation.

“We really hope dog owners find it useful and that it provides some peace of mind when it comes to their pets’ health.”

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