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We offer free advice to referring veterinary surgeons, which will usually be given via a telephone call. If you are a veterinary surgeon and would like advice on a patient, please complete the form below and attach the following information:

  • Full history. 
  • Lab results and blood work (please supply both normal and abnormal results). 
  • Radiographs or any images where applicable. 

If this is an urgent advice request please call on 01388 777770 to allow us to prioritise your request.

If you are having problems with this online form, please download the pdf version here and email the completed form to us direct at [email protected] 

If you are a pet owner and would like your pet to be referred to our hospital, please discuss with your primary vet and ask them to complete the referral form

Wear Referrals – Advice Request Form 

To be completed by the referring veterinary practice.

  • 1. Referring Practice Details
  • 2. Patient Details
1. Referring Practice Details
Type of advice:*


For emergencies you must ALSO call the hospital as well as completing this form.
From which service would you like advice:*
Referring Practice Details:
Have you already discussed this patient with one of our colleagues?