How we work

Making a referral to WearWe can only see patients that have been referred by the veterinary practice or the veterinary surgeon who is treating the patient. Veterinary surgeons can phone us directly to discuss a patient prior to referral, or just for advice on a case.

When referring a patient, please send us the full clinical history, any lab results and radiographs. Ideally, send us all the information electronically by email as this saves paper and makes archiving of information easier.

You can also fill in a referral form or download a referral form in PDF format and fax it to us. Please provide as much information as possible, as this will ensure the correct department assesses the case and the pet is seen by the most appropriate vet.


Please inform the owners that we will contact them directly once we have received the clinical history and referral form to make an appointment. We can then arrange a suitable time and date to see the patient and discuss finances with the owners.

We will also instruct the owners about case specifics, for example, having their pets fasted and taking video footage prior to referral for some neurological and orthopaedic patients.

When phoning us, please state the urgency of the patient to be referred (e.g. emergency or routine) and we will determine an available appointment.


We are often able to process direct insurance claims for urgent cases as long as we have the full clinical history and the insurance details.

Costs of treatment will be discussed with the vets and owners but it is not always possible to provide an exact figure for the cost of treatment.

Some patients need more treatment and aftercare than expected, while some might not need surgery at all. For more routine operations, a relatively accurate estimate can be given.