Five Reasons to Choose Wear for Orthopaedics

1. Our orthopaedic team is led by a RCVS recognised Specialist in small animal orthopaedics who is also a Fellow of the RCVS recognised for meritorious contribution to clinical practice. All of our orthopaedic surgeons are either ECVS residency trained or have postgraduate qualifications in small animal surgery.

2. We have the experience and expertise to be able to offer comprehensive treatment for our patients. We can offer advanced surgeries that no-one else can in the North East of England (e.g. ankle replacement, elbow replacement) and have pioneered the use of these systems clinically. We don’t have to compromise the care we can offer because we do not have the access to a surgical technique or have insufficient training or qualification to offer a procedure.

3. We have unrivalled diagnostic equipment on site (CT / MRI / Fluoroscopy / digital radiography / ultrasound). We also only use the highest quality orthopaedic implants for all our cases (e.g. Synthes, IMEX, BioMedtrix) to ensure we offer the gold standard of care for surgical patients.

4. We have recognised Specialists in Anaesthesia & Analgesia, Internal Medicine, Neurology and 24-hour nursing care to offer the highest standard of multidisciplinary care for complex cases.

5. Our orthopaedic department have published more clinical research papers in peer reviewed journals than any other private referral hospital in the North of England. Evidence- based practice always underpins the treatment we offer our clients and their pets.

Get to know Neil Burton, our Specialist and Head of the Orthopaedics Department, so you can see for yourself the care your clients receive from Wear: