From locum to lecturer for our new Head of Medicine

Working as a locum for a vet charity in Scotland convinced a newly-graduated Scott Kilpatrick that caring for pets was his future.

Some 13 years later, we’re absolutely thrilled the European and RCVS Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine has joined us here at Wear Referrals as our Head of Medicine.

Scott Kilpatrick
Scott Kilpatrick

Scott said he owed his success in the veterinary world to an early stint at the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) in Glasgow.

He said: “I graduated from Edinburgh Vet School in 2007 not really knowing what to do and I took a job locuming for the PDSA in Glasgow.

“This ended up being one of the best career decisions I ever made. This was truly a baptism of fire in the best possible way. There was no turning back after that.”

It was the start of a great adventure which has since seen Scott become a specialist in internal medicine and an in-demand veterinary speaker who has lectured all over the world.

His love of animals and dedication to caring for them remains a powerful driving force.

He said: “I have always been driven to keep improving and, in 2018, spent a month at the University of California, in Davis, and learned many interventional radiology procedures.

“I also love teaching and delivering CPD. I have created and delivered a post-graduate certificate in small animal emergency medicine in association with the University of Chester and have lectured all over the world, including in China, Japan and South Korea.”

Scott has also recently embraced a new challenge and adventure in his personal life – as Dad to two adopted children.

He explained: “Our lives changed forever in 2017, when we adopted two little boys called Tyler and Ashton.

“They are truly the most important thing in my life, along with my wonderful husband Andy and my amazing friends.”

Our hospital manager Darren Stubbs said: “Scott’s passion for caring for animals shone through and we’re delighted to welcome him into the Wear team.

“Our vision is to be a centre of excellence for clinical veterinary care which also offers care and compassion for each pet owner, in what can often be taxing times.

“I’m sure Scott will make a valuable contribution in helping us maintaining the highest standards of care and treatment.”