How Referring to Wear benefits You and Your Clients


We have more European and RCVS Recognised Specialists than any other veterinary hospital in the North East of England – we have Specialists in Neurology, Orthopaedics, Internal Medicine, Soft Tissue Surgery, Anaesthesia, and Diagnostic Imaging, as well as Certificate Holders including in Cardiology. This allows a truly multi-disciplinary approach to get the best outcomes for our patients.

How does this benefit you? We can ensure all procedures and treatments are carried out by the very best experienced and qualified professionals and can treat the most difficult and challenging cases. If a particular case needs cross departmental input to receive the best outcome, here at Wear we can do just that.


The highest number of Registered Veterinary Nurses in any Hospital in the North East of England, and one of the highest Nurse to Vet ratios in any Hospital in the UK – we are passionate about providing the best care possible for our patients.

How does this benefit you? Unlike other referral centers our departments have their own nursing teams dedicated to providing the upmost quality care to patients. Patient care is our number one priority.


An award-winning purpose-built hospital designed to facilitate Clinical Excellence and Professional Care, as well as being environmentally responsible (our solar panels help to offset the carbon footprint of our MRI machine).

How does this benefit you? If, like us, you want to do your bit for the environment then Wear is a great choice for you. We are working towards our Bronze accreditation from Investors in the Environment giving you piece of mind you are making an environmentally friendly decision.


State of the art diagnostic imaging equipment including Siemens 1.5 Tesla MRI, Siemens CT scanner, and four ultrasound machines including the very latest technology – and highly trained individuals to use them and make the right diagnostic decisions.

How does this benefit you? We can offer you peace of mind that when you send clients for further treatment at Wear Referral they are being sent to a hospital with the very best technology and equipment, meaning you are making the best decision for your owners.


A dedicated team of out-of-hours nurses and vets providing professional care for in-patients and emergency patients.

How does this benefit you? You can rely on Wear for ALL your needs. Whether your clients need emergency treatment out of hours or need 24-hour care internally, you can rest assured we are always here and reduces the need to use multiple hospitals.


Easy, convenient referrals & FREE advice service

How does this benefit you? We have listened to your feedback and that is why earlier this year we launched a brand new website with a brand new referral form, making it easier and more convenient for our referring Vets. We also offer FREE advice, so if you aren’t ready to refer but need our advice, we are here.