24/7 Pet Hospital

See us in action on the new BBC TV series – 24/7 Pet Hospital
10 part series on BBC One

Expect drama, emotion and plenty of heart-warming moments as the TV cameras follow the work of our close knit team who devote their lives to saving animals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With behind the scenes access to our operating theatres, prep rooms and wards, where access for owners isn’t normally possible, you’ll witness specialists at work as they tackle whatever comes their way in this new 10-part series.

Viewers will get to know the team here at Wear Referrals which, by day, is a specialist care unit treating animals with complex needs and conditions and by night transforms into an A&E unit responding to emergency cases from across the area.

The job always throws up surprises and our team deal with anything from performing hip replacement surgery on tiny Shih Tzus and extracting corn on the cobs from Boxer dogs to treating suspected kidney tumours on much-loved Labradors, wild owls injured by cars – and everything in between.

The series also follows the devoted pet owners who travel from far and wide with their beloved animals to get them specialist treatment and expert care.

24/7 Pet Hospital has been produced for BBC One by Twenty Six 03, the Gateshead-based production company behind BBC Three series Angels of the North.

Commissioned by BBC Daytime and BBC England.

To watch the show on iPlayer follow this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001hz7j