Alfie’s Recovery after Tumour of the Pancreas Found

This handsome chap is Alfie, a West Highland White Terrier referred to our specialist hospital. Alfie was referred to us as he was having seizures and was very weak. The cause of his seizures was a very low blood sugar.

Specialist diagnostic imaging with ultrasound and CT scans allowed our diagnostic imaging vet to identify a tumour of the pancreas. Blood tests confirmed that his tumour was producing excessive amounts of the hormone insulin which lowers blood sugar.

Even with supplementation of glucose in a drip and with medications to block the action of insulin in intensive care, Alfie continued to have a very low blood sugar. This meant he needed to have an emergency surgery to remove the tumour and that his anaesthetic was more difficult than if Alfie’s blood sugar could be more easily stabilised. One of our soft tissue surgeons performed the complex surgery to remove the tumour while a specialist anaesthestic cared for Alfie.

Alfie also developed a bad pneumonia during his stay with us. This is likely to be a consequence of aspirating saliva or vomit during his seizures. Again, intensive medical treatment was needed to support Alfie through this.

Alfie was extremely poorly during his stay with us. However, due to the teamwork of our vets in the medicine, surgery, anaesthesia departments and our talented and dedicated ICU nurses and night vets we are pleased to say that Alfie has made an excellent recovery and is back to his normal self. He is a lovely dog and it has been a pleasure for us to care for him.